Vietnamese Fusion Rocks!

By Chef Mimi Lan

The American food landscape is more diverse and global than it has ever been before. As countries are becoming more culturally diverse and travelers are engaging in different culinary experiences, fusion food is a natural progression. However, the term fusion has received a bad rep throughout the years, with some chefs mindlessly throwing ingredients together without following any coherence or logic. But when done right, combining elements of different culinary traditions and ingredients that complement each other well, it can be a beautiful showcase of imagination and creativity. For the lack of a better term, fusion food is here to stay, and we need to be open minded to the border-crossings and boundaries-pushing that fusion cuisine has to offer.


Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines, with a strong vegetarian tradition inspired by Buddhism. And its French influences—France occupied the country from the mid 1800s until World War II—only added sophistication to its already elegant cuisine. As a chef specializing in Vietnamese with global influences foods, I believe that my cuisine mirrors my own honest and passionate interpretation of modern Asian cuisine, which is inventive and authentic but reflects a global palate. My food is not about fancy bells and whistles, but more about high quality ingredients, creativity, refinement, and achieving the right balance of taste, texture, and color. My gourmet Asian fusion pop-up Viglo (Vietnamese with global influences) series include Viglo Dinners (each pop-up is at a different venue with a non-repeated menu), Viglo Tasting Menu, Viglo Chef’s Table, and Viglo Private Cooking Classes.


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