The below disclaimer applies towards my lifestyle + food blog, and does not apply towards my chef and consulting services.


Most of everything you see or read on this site has been created by me, unless otherwise stated. I am all about “sharing” I would take it as a compliment if you decide to share my content across the net. All I ask is that you link back to my site as the source. I do the same whenever I repost someone else’s images or work. It’s a matter of respect, and giving credit where it’s due.


TasteCurator.com may contain from paid content. All paid sponsorships and collaborations are clearly marked as such. Gifted items are marked with *, or mentioned in the copy as gifts. TasteCurator.com uses affiliate programs which means I earn a small commission if you click and purchase some of the items featured on the site, particularly in the BOUTIQUE page. Rest assured that these affiliates have no influence over what I choose to feature. To track these affiliate links, the site uses “cookies” (not the edible type). If you don’t wish to see those links, you can find all the information on how to block them here.

I have similar integrity rules for sponsored posts on my blog as I do for free products/services. Although I understand that SEO is important to acquire a presence on the net, but I don’t believe in accepting pure SEO-based posts that don’t correlate with my TASTE and personal style. When it comes to posting sponsored content, I will have the freedom to edit them any way necessary to keep this blog true my style and TASTE.
Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the content’s work and its social media support.


When sending me content to be posted, I will inform you if and when I’m able to use it. There is no need to follow up with me to find out if I had received your content or if I’m able to use it. If I don’t reply to these questions, please understand that I’m super busy and can’t reply to every inquiry received.


As a blogger, I’m often given free products or services in exchange for write up or placement on my blog. While I appreciate the offer, it is important for me to stay true to my brand, and I will not compromise my integrity for free items/services. So before sending me anything, please know that just because I use the product/service, doesn’t mean I’m obligated to feature it or write about it in my blog – nor should you expect me to mail it back to you if I decide not to use it (unless you include a self-addressed and paid postage/envelope).


I’m happy to receive beauty / skin products, gadgets, lifestyle products and home wares to review, as long as they correlate with my own TASTE and personal style- modern, clean, simple, and of high quality. My product endorsements, whether for free or paid by sponsors, are always going to reflect my true feelings and opinions, and will not be compromised.


I do travel extensively, so I am always open to trying new travel products, destinations, restaurants, and experiences. The same rules apply here where free products / services do not a guarantee postings or positive reviews.


My blog services listed above are completely different and separated from my CHEF and CONSULTING services. Please read more about the latter under my SERVICES page. Lastly, please note that I receive a lot of emails each day and may not be able to reply to each inquiry. Please go to my CONTACT page to fill out a short form for all inquiries. Thank you.

Live deliciously! Mimi