DaNang Volunteer

To Do Well, You’ve Got To Do Good

I have always believed that “in order to do well, you’ve got to do good”. For years, my husband, our daughter and I have been giving back to our people by traveling every year to DaNang, Vietnam for our mission work: My husband and his team of volunteer physicians perform pro-bono surgeries to hundreds of cancer patients in DaNang hospital, while my daughter and I conduct arts and craft projects to children in the pediatric cancer ward. It is so important for us to give back since we have been fortunate and blessed in our own lives. It is also important for our daughter to come with us to these mission trips and see what we do, so not only she could see how blessed she is, but to be involved and interact with these children and their families. She thanked me afterwards for exposing her to this special and memorable experience. It was also during these trips that I got to go on epicurean adventures with my daughter in different regions, sampling different dishes, and bonding with the locals by sharing food stories and recipes. So far we have been paying for all arts & craft expenses, and any necessary medical tools ourselves. We are working on forming a 501(c) to be able to seek sponsorship and take our work to the next level. If you, or any company you know of, are interested in helping in any way, please let me know. God bless.

TC2016 Lan


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